12 02 2010

Kirielle (Cantata)

KirielleThe piece I present is a new version of the concluding part of a larger work, Kirielle (Cantata). It draws on some features of ancient choral music and places these within the contemporary context. The title of the piece is in French as this allows for a variety of possible meanings: litany, complaint, series, sequence. In general terms, I sought to grasp the atmosphere of choral music through the generation of synthesized sounds. From the point of view of composition, I developed the piece using musical notation based on models from mathematics and physics (such as set theory or the Ising model), suggesting to the audience listening and interpreting the piece a sonic structure existing in space as well as in time.

Duration: 5’:20’’

Selected by SoundLAB VII, Cologne New Media Festival (Germany).

Kirielle (part I-II-III, 5′:27”):




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