Ipogea: the arcane sound of the Earth

21 01 2012


Sound environment for the installation Ipogea by Piero Gilardi.

A visual and sound path, full of cultural and philosophical references. From the concept of project I extract these notes by the artist:

“In many myths of western antiquity there is the idea that mysterious and precious treasures are hidden in the dark depths of the earth. Let’s think, for example, of the narrative of the story of Psyche who descended into Hades in search of a saving casket. Most ancient and arcane myths, according to James Hillman, survive, more or less occultly, in today’s collective unconscious motivating the behavior of individuals and groups in social dynamics and conflicts. The elaboration of project started from my emotional experience during a visit to a speleological cave (Bossea Cave, Ligurian Alps) whose particularity consists in having been dug by a hypogeous river still present today. The discovery and listening to this thunderous underground stream gave me the feeling of having impacted a hidden source of bio-energy and stimulated my imagination to transform this subjective event into a divine metaphor possible way out of today’s scenario, where life is blocked and schizophrenic, of the globalized society” (P. Gilardi).